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Medals Awards
Sir Nilratan Sircar Gold Medal Best Medical Graduate of the Year
Lt.Col.S.P.Sarbadhikari Gold Medal Standing First in General Surgery
John Mcleod Silver Medal Surgery Standing First in Surgery
Pashupati Silver Medal Standing First in Surgery
Ananda Mohan Kusum Kumari Silver Medal Standing first in Surgery
Plated Silver Medal Standing first in Pathology
Tarak Das Ghosh Silver Medal Standing first in First MBBS
Dr. M.N.Bose Silver Medal
Standing first in Anatomy in First MBBS Examination.
College Silver Medal in Anatomy Standing First in College Silver
Pathology, Forensic Medicine Medal Examination
Distinction/Honours in Anatomy, Pharmacology Surgery and E.N.T (Otolaryngology)
Swarnaparbati Scholarship Standing First in First MBBS
Nistarini Dutta Scholarship
Standing First in Physiology in First MBBS
First certificate of Honours in General Surgery
First certificate of Honours in E N T (Otolaryngology)
Senior Class Assistant in Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Pathology and Pharmacology, Senior Prosector in Anatomy
M. D. in General Medicine 3rd in order of merit
D.M in Cardiology 1st in order of merit

Other Awards
Major Sudhir Dutta Silver Medal in Surgery
Rakhal Das Ghosh Silver Medal in Medicine
L.M.Banerjee Scholarship in General Surgery
Rashiklal Bose Scholarship in Medicine
N.Basu Scholarship in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Manilal Chakraborty Scholarship in Surgery
Bimalananda Saha Scholarship in Anatomy
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